Novoflex Panorama Plate

Novoflex Panorama Plate

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The panorama plate (PANORAMA) is the ideal freely rotating accessory for obtaining impressive panorama shots. The engraved 360?? scale with 10?? divisions is invaluable when you are panning the camera and want to be sure of reproducible results. A special feature is the integrated spirit level for accurate horizontal alignment. With the handy locking screw the camera can be fixed in any desired position.

The NOVOFLEX panorama plate can be used with almost all commercial ball- and socket-heads and due to its flat and stable design, it can be mounted either between tripod and ball head or ball head and camera.

Technical specifications:

Size: 90 ?? 60 mm (3.6 ?? 2.4??
Height: 18 mm (0.7??
Weight: 170 g (0.4 lbs)
Tripod Connection: 1/4??resp. 3/8??/p>>22t

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