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Jobu Design

Jobu Design Killarney Carbon Fibre tripod

Jobu Design Killarney Carbon Fibre tripod

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The Killarney Carbon Fiber Tripod from Jobu Design is a 3-section, high capacity support designed for use with long lenses and heavy camera bodies.

The tripod features a weight capacity of 55.1 lb, a suitable match for any Jobu gimbal or third party tripod head, but weighs just 4.2 lb, an excellent weight to capacity ratio. At its maximum height the tripod stands at 54" tall and collapses to just 24.25" for transport. When its 3-angle legs are set at their widest position, the tripod may be lowered to just 4" off the ground, which is great for dramatic low-angle landscapes, lying prone while photographing wildlife, or macro photography.

Designed with outdoor use in mind, the Killarney features removable rubber feet that reveal integrated spikes for added stability in snow, mud, dirt, and sand. Additionally, each leg is wrapped with a protective foam cover, making it easy to carry the tripod over the shoulder and providing a comfortable grip for the user.

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