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Athabasca CPL(Circular Polarizer) Filters (WP-MCCPL)

Athabasca CPL(Circular Polarizer) Filters (WP-MCCPL)

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WP MCCPL, water-proof multi-coating CPL, is used to emilinate the polarized light. As the polarizing film used in CPL is colored, which prevents certain amount of light entering the lens or even reducing the aperture. In order to show perfect pictures, WP MCCPL adds double-side anti-reflection coating to the common CPL, so it can improve the transmittance to make up for the light loss caused by the film??s own color. Water-and-stain-proof, this WP MCCPL becomes an excellent and perfect CPL.


Fix the WP MCCPL directly to the front lens,"otate the WP MCCPL and observe the polarized light source through the LCD or viewfinder, until the polarized light weakens or disappears as expected

Athabasca WP MCCPL

Materials: Environmentally oxidized aviation aluminum

Raw materials: Japan imported optical glass & polarizing films

Coating: Double-side anti-reflection coating, water-and-stain-proof, anti-scratching

Technology: HD processed


Applicable diameter: 52mm 55mm 58mm 62mm 67mm 72mm 77mm 82mm

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